Alison Storm
Simply Amazing!! I have to admit I’ve always been a little skeptical, that immediately changed once I sat down with Ali. The overwhelming feelings of energy was evident right out of the gate. From my early childhood struggles to things I currently struggle with, Ali was right on the money. I felt very restricted spiritually prior to sitting with Ali. When the reading was over I felt exhausted, yet very I had this tremendous feeling of freedom. The icing on the cake happened at the end of the reading. My grandmother appeared to Ali and told her that she wanted to hug me and tell me things are going to be alright, Ali stated she was wearing her favorite dress. There is no way Ali could know the odd color of that dress, however, she was absolutely right!! This experience was purely magical. I highly recommend allowing Ali to enter your life. It’s something you will not regret. #gamechanger
— Douglas Roberto from CT
For me, having a session with Alison was like going on an internal archaeological excavation and discovering things I had once known but had forgotten.

Alison is the real deal. I don’t understand how she does it but I believe she tapped right into the etheric Library of my life.

I personally found the session to be much more emotionally charged then I thought going into. She channeled some very essential aspects of my persona and life back to me. There were many “Aha”moments.
Afterwords she made contact with some of my loved ones - it was powerful beyond what I could have expected.
Most importantly, I always felt that I was in very good, loving hands with her. Otherwise I would not attend such a journey. Your sincerity and honesty shine through. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to understand themselves in this way were clearly.
— Joe C. 11-4-18
Alison is a natural. I have worked for many years with therapeutic practitioners, transformational thinkers, writers, and activists, most of them brilliant and courageous. I have also just gravitated towards some particularly powerful psychics and mediums, and consider myself lucky to have worked with them too. When Ali’s radiant face beamed over the Skype, I felt her gentleness and kind spirit, but also her penetrating eye, her “seeing” working on several levels. Yep, not only is she is a natural, she has clearly been given quite the gift!
What she channeled for me before our session (ie without having met me), was so precise in its accuracy, it was pretty flooring. She crystallized some things I’d been mulling over, and then added some big dollops of deeper looking and guidance as to how to move forward and through. Then, it felt like she had been allowed into my most personal questions, but it didn’t feel invasive. Again, as we sorted through the specific pieces of her reading, she intuitively nudged me, so that I could arrive at my own interpretations. What might have felt hard to hear, ultimately wasn’t, because we were in a place of truth, together.
Whatever work of the soul she is doing, she is doing it incredibly incisively, powerfully and genuinely. We are lucky to have her in our midst! And it doesn’t hurt that she radiates an adorable, trustworthy, smart and fun personality to boot. I can honestly say that the work we did together that hour just made me proclaim, “Yes, OK..... this is the track I am on”. We all need the help of the crystallizers, the “seers” who can feel into our blind spots with compassion. She is one of the real ones. I want to work with her again, and again, and see what unfolds
— Henrietta Weekes, performer and writer, and presenter/programmer/event producer for Evolver NYC and Nura Learning, both platforms dedicated to the transformation of consciousness and deep spiritual activism.
Being a talk show host on spiritual matters I have had more intuitive reading than the days are long. And like everything they ranged from good to… ‘eh. So when I went to see Ali Storm, I thought “ok let’s see what this girl’s got!?” From the moment she closed her eyes and tuned in, she was on the mark with a situation I had been dealing with for months. Her insights into me and the people I was involved with left me speechless and amazed. More importantly her psychic and psychological understanding merged to give me hope, inspiration
— Alan Steinfeld - Host of New Realities - 8-8-18
Ali is the real deal. With love, gentleness, and grace, she feels your soul. With a humble subtleness, she is on point and sees clearly where you are, where you were and how your journey will evolve if you embrace your true essence and ultimate life purpose. My reading with Ali was a healing catalyst and an affirmation of the current shift in the trajectory of my life. Thank you Ali!
— Rebekah H. - 9-5-18
Its with great pleasure to tell you about my reading from Alison!! I had been feeling a “pull” to connect with her for weeks... some sort of longing or need to want to hear from her... once we connected she mentioned the one on one work she was doing... we set up a date and time and that feeling started to subside. The connection, message and information was what my spirit needed to hear and know once we spoke. Alison’s kind and compassionate nature made me feel at ease and open to receive what she had to say! As she spoke, it was if she painted the first vibrant stroke of color on to my blank canvas... she was accurate and each word struck a cord with me intimately! She was telling me what I needed to hear. Then she was able to sense some unresolved turmoil that I have told very few people about... I chuckled, how did she know this... her words in a sense held a mirror up to me... forced me to look at my reflection and realize it was me who would have to take action to resolve this turmoil I wanted to avoid.
What a gift Alison has... it was a blessing to experience this first hand!! For anyone at a crossroads... looking for clarity or focus... reach out to Alison she will guide you in the most loving way!
— Michelle L. 9-6-18
Meeting Ali has been profound for me. The work she does and what she is able to access is incredibly powerful. From the first session, I experienced something that I think of as feedback which first came as only a physical experiences but has since become bigger and more integrated. It is something I don’t have language for but it is undeniably real. She is truly tapped into something and is able to extend this access beyond herself to help trigger awakenings in others.
— Lauren C - 7-30-19
Ali provides an honest, no-nonsense look at where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. She will not only identify the barriers in the way of your life, but she will help you remove those obstacles with her sensible and sincere advice. She doesn’t leave you hanging with all of your issues on the table; she rolls up her sleeves to take the journey with you. Her humor, wit, and compassion make sessions truly an adventure. I always look forward to our next session!
— Fausta T - 8-30-18
My reading with Ali in one sentence - I came in a skeptic, I came out a believer.
I’m not the kind of guy who utilizes readings very often. I guess readings are not my thing if you will.
From the moment my reading with Ali started, I immediately perceived something unique was happening - whatever source she tuned into informed her truthfully and meaningfully about my life. She understood my story in depths I have never encountered before from anybody else. Though I did come as a skeptic to this reading , within minutes my skepticism could only hold itself by a thread, moments later it had no choice but to utterly disappear. Ali was remarkable. She was consistently accurate and astute in her observations about my experience in the world. Without me explaining anything about my life, she understood where I came from and where I was going. I was greatly impressed and moved by her ability to articulate the deepest levels of my being. I felt privileged to learn so much about who I am from her. Ali’s focus, dedication and care were unwavering throughout the entire reading. Conversing with her was a pleasure. With her unique expertise she helped me see the story of me much better. I became empowered. I became excited about what’s to come.
— Guy R. 8-25-18
I never had a reading before .. so, I obviously went into this skeptically and not knowing what to expect. Ali in her delivery put me at ease and began the session .. she got straight to the point and was spot on throughout .. it was clear to me she was able to read me with depth .. she wasn’t vague .. she was direct and not only pointed out things she felt .. which were not only accurate but clearly not guesswork .. she offered direction and validated positive traits for my focus.
Coming from a place of absolute cynicism w/ regards to this type of work .. Ali personally convinced me beyond a doubt that there is a place for this approach to expand my consciousness make me more aware and keep my focus properly directed .. I definitely look forward to working further w/ Ali and would recommend Ali to anyone interested in expanding their insight
— Scott P - 8-15-18
Thank you for such a wonderful session. I appreciate what you do and how you do it, but most importantly I appreciate you. What you shared with me before the energy work was definitely in alignment with who I am and paved the way for the energy work to be as effective as it was. You continuously checked in with me to make sure I understood what was taking place which made me more receptive to the work. Thank you, thank you. I look forward to our next session which will be in the not too distant future.
— Jim P. - 7-25-18