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Awakening You - NYC

Discover your True Self, who you are really meant to be, as Ali channels wisdom to the group providing clarity and realizations. Sessions begin with chanting, and breathwork to prepare for the energetic work that will take place. The session then progresses into a teaching and energetic transmission that is harnessed thru Ali. She will also deliver one on one readings by request. It ends with a Q&A where participants can learn more about how to find their true authentic self and their true purpose. Participants can expect to experience an inner shift that can bring them clarity, knowledge, and guidance to their inner purpose.

Ali Storm experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2012 and has been integrating and working with this energy since that time. This energetic process has allowed her to develop all of her intuitive senses to be able to support others on the path of awakening. She is now a medium and teacher, bringing forth messages to support others on the path of awakening. She is unique in that she acts as a conduit to bring thru wisdom and energy that is a catalyst for the awakening of others, and to help others merge with their higher self.

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