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Awakening the Kundalini - Hoboken

Join us at the breathtaking and serene Antique Loft at Riverview in Hoboken for an evening of intuitive readings and energetic work. The views alone will leave you speechless, with readings to surpass. 

Ali and Fatima are intuitives with a unique ability to harness their individual gifts together, working in union as a whole. During the evening, they will provide intuitive readings to participants of the group while also working to support the collective group energetically. 

During the readings, they will work with participants to begin to find where false thought patterns were created, healing one's inner child and in turn ultimately freeing one from bondages. They will also work to see where there maybe blocks that are preventing access with one's Higher Self.   

This will help a person access the source of all knowledge from within, providing guidance, clarity, and answers that are longed for. As one begins to heal their inner child and identify with their Higher Self, they can then begin to awaken the Kundalini energy within.  

This includes a meditation, so please bring your own yoga mat if possible. 

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