Alison Storm

“When you are asked to plunge into the unknown, it’s all right to be uncomfortable. So be scared. Feel the “oh shit, what have I got myself into?” The path to freedom is the willingness to dive into fear.”

- Alison Storm


Today I am a modern day Intuitive/Medium. I bring wisdom thru from a higher plane to support the collective awakening, ultimately helping others discover their highest purpose. However, this was not always the case. I was once a typical New York Woman rising in the ranks of the Corporate Fashion World. I spent 15 years living an “Eat or Be Eaten” life, and as you would know, the toxicity eventually wore me down.  I believed that my salvation was an idyllic career, husband, and home…and if I didn’t have these things, I would be deemed as an unworthy outcast of society doomed to a miserable existence. By the age of 33 I was living a shattered reality and crumbled under the extreme pressure that so many women feel today.


I lost hope. All the things we believe we need if we are to be happy had failed to deliver. Marriage, career, money, a home, status—it was all a mirage. With all expectations gone and nothing to look forward to, I was now perfectly soul-ripened.

God, here I come.


The day of my big bottom was 12/12/12, however on this day, my failures became my greatest gift. I woke up to an inner explosion that tore through everything I thought I was, a spontaneous full kundalini awakening. I was 33 years old, a year many ancient traditions call “a year of initiation." Many people ask me every day, “How did you do that?”  I reply, “I didn’t. I simply had the trust to lose my mind, and forget anything I have ever known, and surrender fully. Once I did that, God became alive within me and everywhere.”

During that time, I had a profound revelation that I had another calling and through this I was given a vision of a new world in which humankind would undergo a massive shift in  consciousness and people would channel the same elemental energies that had awakened me.


This became my passion, purpose, and reason for existence.


Today I am a Intuitive/Medium, Writer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Women’s Advocate, and my proudest earned title is Mother to my baby boy, Joaquim Ali Podell. My mission is to share the truth with women, that we are more powerful then our human minds can fathom. Women are innately blessed with the key to unlock the door to the highest states of consciousness that can be experienced now.


I believe in the feminine resurgence of empathy,  compassion, kindness, and intuitive knowing, and I want to contribute my share in any way possible to see that happen in my lifetime.